Last Friday it was the third unofficially official 'Wear a Floral Dress'- day. A day for wearing your flower dresses to brighten up the grey February weather, which is a pretty understandable idea if you look out the window. Like many things nowaday, something that started on Facebook, but this year even hit the news. So I thought I'd join in and feel all colourful and springlike. Until I realised most of my flowery dresses were hanging in the countryside, while I for once was in town. And I then I did look out the window and felt a bit cold and in need of wrapping myself into something -

So I ended up with my longest dress and a warm sweater for a dark wintery version instead. But still floral!

The dress is vintage and the cardigan is one that I've had since I was 16. That's almost twenty years already, phew, makes me feel old!

(Cardi-trivia: Back in the days it cost 120 Fim which then was a lot - now it would equal just a bit over 20euros, for which you most likely will not get a cardigan to last you two decades or more. The cardi was lost at one point though; I started thinking that I just somehow had lost it on town, but it was found about a year later in a storage box under my (then teenaged) sister's bed, where she had hid it in a plastic bag after not daring to confess that she had indeed borrowed it without asking, when I inquired about it bakc when it first was lost. I wonder if she still remembers the incident. Well, here it is anyway, still going strong.)