It's been half a year already since I coloured my hair already but I'm still not sure what shade it really is. Peachy-something. It does require some work to maintain - or well, a lot of bottles at least - and it looks a bit different after every wash, depending on which bottles were involved. (If I've been a bit too eager I end up with my little pony hair but when just right it gets this powdery soft pink peach shade.)

At first I mixed some crazy colour with my conditioner (strong pink and soft lavender) but then the shade woudl wash away completely the next time, unless the colours were added again. Now I've been using Biozell's caring color masks,  both raspberry, plum and silver mixed with conditioner. They stay in the hair a bit longer, altough I still use them pretty much every time. (I've bought all these myself. No-one has sponsored me with anything here. Sadly. Heh.)

At first I thought I'd only go for this for a little while but I kind of get addicted to trying to achieve the right shade... My hair is doing quite well still, and I still have all the coloured hair masks left so I guess it (the colour, that is) will hang in for at least as long as they last. Heh heh. And as the hair looks different from wash to wash one does not get bored. Heh again.

But... on all on-stage photos my hair looks blond anyway. Hmpf.