3 Dressing’s Vogue New Frilly Secret!

1#The Babouche Is Set to Be 2016’s Must-Have Shoe

Shown in Céline’s Resort 2016 collection, the style comes with an elongated toe and a single buckled strap across the neck of the foot. The sole is without even the insinuation of a lift—so flat you could almost call it a slipper, except that even a slipper has a little foam padding underneath. Upon first glance, Vogue Runway Director Nicole Phelps deemed the shape “even stranger than Philo’s glove-leather pumps,” adding, “but we expect these will become ‘a thing’ in much the same way.”

2#Nobody Is Too Cool for a Sweater-Vest

While the sweater-vest may be synonymous with all things dorky, dweeby, and other words most often applied to Steve Urkel and uptight dads, it’s in the midst of a renaissance. From a serious 2015 catwalk turnout everywhere from Miu Miu Resort to Dior Pre-Fall, it then made the rounds on the Spring 2016 runways at Gucci and Prada.
he model topped her black, long-sleeve knit with a retro crocheted sweater-vest and a front-button denim mini A-line skirt. The game-changing styling trick? A pair of ripped black nylon tights. We told you she was a Saint Laurent girl.

3#Rock ’n’ Roll: Are Your T-Shirts Up to Snuff?

And there’s much to look forward to in 2016 already: time with family and friends; personal growth and reflection; the release of Fuller House on Netflix; and, for a certain type of music fan, the most exciting news ever. Yes, that’s right, after years of broken promises and various scandals—including but not limited to nearly breaking up onstage, massive fan riots, and a tumultuous history of egregiously late or canceled performances—Guns N’ Roses announced that Axl Rose and Slash are slated to be getting back together for the first time since 1993 to headline Coachella, followed by a possible summer stadium tour. Which brings us to the real question: Obviously you’re going, but what are you going to wear?
and now you must check this link http://www.vogue.com/13387794/best-concert-tees-2016-guns-n-roses-tour/